I am focused on achieving the goals and I wanted to be the first from my childhood. After Enneagram study, I became very clear and easy to live, because under the type of Enneagram I am a Reached or a Type 3 person. From now on you can easily find out about yourself by completing the test www.devyniskaiciai.lt, which I have prepared for you according to Enneagram’s theory, performed by various Enneagram scholars and authors, and as my Enneagram coach (www.gitakondrotaite.lt).

Have I achieved a lot? I think that’s enough. At the moment, I share my knowledge and insights with everyone. I motivate others and love my work very much. In brief: 8 years of teaching at universities (Mykolas Romeris university, Vilnius university, PhD in Sociology at Kaunas Technology university). 2009 I established the Institute of Economics of Welfare and run various projects together with the team (www.gerovesekonomika.lt).

From 2016 Enneagram Trainer (ICTA). As a sociologist I am developing a new tool based on the Enneagram tool. Since March 3, 2018, I teach at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and prepare a new dissertation on human resource potential management and employee competence assessment.

Is there still where to grow? Really so. Human learns all his life and thank God that there were very strong personalities and teachers on my way. First of all, Jūratė Šatienė (former Griciūnaitė), a teacher and educator of Vabalninkas B. Sruoga school, who inspired to achieve the set goals. Second, it’s prof. Viktorija Baršauskienė, who motivated the personality to live in society (KTU). And thirdly, the spiritual leader – the Dalai Lama (meeting in 2001), who taught us that in order to be happy in life, we must take responsibility and find our way. There were various schools of life and personality growth, such as Reiki, Yoga life practices, Gestalt’s “Life here and now”, Och’s awareness, and more. Since 2013 I started to study Enneagram and so far I am very admired.

Thanks to Enneagram’s teachers: Master Trainer Nadezhda Doronina Koltan, the first Enneagram trainer Daiva Vietriniene; prof. Claudio Naranjo, Master Jack Makani, Master coach Irina and Jagor Karopa, coach Marina Kaldina and others.

And for the end. Life is beautiful and we paint the colors that are within us. I invite you to my interactive workshops and look forward to receiving your email. p. info@gitakondrotaite.lt. I will be happy to answer your questions.